Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pallet Wood Upcycle.

The pallet wood decking area in our garden is finally complete!
I just love pallet wood. We were very lucky (and unlucky) to have a building site near to our house. They were happy to let us have some old pallets. Steve's dad also donated some from his business. We used the biggest pallets as a base and then arranged the slats in intersting colour combinations.

Steve put in a huge amount of man power and we are really pleased with the result. A hard part was breaking the pallets down. Those things are really built to last! I can tell you first-hand how difficult it is to pull the giant nails out. It was really worth it though. Best of all, the wood was free!

It isn't as uniform as manufactured decking but I think it is much more interesting and beautiful. We used yacht varnish to bring out the colour, then I ran up a sail for shade on my sewing machine which I fixed to a frame made by Steve.
We have also created a pallet wood wall in our upstairs bathroom. Pics to follow when complete.


  1. This is so impressive, can't wait to come see it in real life. Well done to you and Steve! xxx