Thursday, 4 July 2013

Foxy Loxy.

So, I finally finished the baby's room. Ivor celebrated by spending his first night in there alone after being camped out in our room for the past 5 months. (I have been very lazy about moving him out as I like to feed him in bed at night while I doze off.)  I first intended for the mural to go around the entire room but decided to just work in the corner of the room for now until Ivor moves to a bed. The cot would hide it. Watch this space for a continuation of the foxy world at a later date.

I am really pleased with the ombre drawers. Just a tester pot of coloured emulsion with more white paint added for each drawer. Easy peasy.

The vintage phone on the floor was mine as a child. So retro! Must also thank my lovely friend Michaela for the gorgeous needle felted leaf bunting hanging on the cot. I've got a pic Michaela took a few months ago here which shows it in detail.


  1. Yay, it looks beautiful! The drawers are inspired, you are so clever! X

  2. Gorgeous room Ro. Love the mural on the wall. Well done
    Vicky x